About Me

I am simply a young married woman from Small Town, Texas with a B.A. in History from Texas A&M University that cannot learn enough.  I am a knitter, tatter, baker, cook, canner, Zentangler, nail artist, avid reader, sewer, and so much more.  I love learning, so I do it every day.  And, I love sharing, so I figured I would start that here, too.

You might know me from my previous nail blog (http://totallylacquerobsessed.blogspot.com).  I had to go on hiatus there because of my health and work schedule.  I recently got out of the hospital and left my job, so I decided that I would start blogging again, but I didn't want to just blog about nails - or have a blog for each of my hobbies.  So, A Pinch of This & A Dash of That was born.  I imagine it will be a record of my endeavors, successful or not.  As I tackle things I'll write about them and we can laugh and learn together.

Feel free to comment with questions, suggestions, and funny anecdotes any time! :)

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