Who's that?

I might refer to different people throughout my ramblings, so below you will find the translation of who they are :)

Hubby = obviously my wonderful, very patient husband
Mama = again obviously my mother - and role model (she from whom I inherited my creativity)
Daddy = my very proud and supportive father
MIL = my increasingly interesting mother-in-law that always means well
FIL = my sweetheart, golf loving father-in-law
K = my wonderfully vibrant and also very creative little sister
T = my sweet Cajun cousin now living with my parents that has become another little sister and is finding her latent creativity
Buddy = my huge, nearly six year old Golden Retriever that has never met a stranger and swears he is attention deprived
Ducky = my uber loving and talkative cat whose personality is as quirky as his name

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