Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Version of a PSL

Thanks to my recent coffee obsession I decided to attempt a Pumpkin PSL ConcentrateSpice Latte (PSL), and… I succeeded :)

I ended up making a concentrated base that I add to my milk before I steam it.  It works really well, tastes delicious, and is made with real pumpkin.  Plus, I ended up making like five and half cups of base, so I have PSL base for the whole season lol  I used whole milk in this base, but next time I think I might use some sweetened condensed milk and cut the sugar down.

The perfect balance for me so far is four heaping “teaspoons” (the smaller spoons that you eat with at the table) added to four ounces of whole milk that I froth together with one shot of espresso or a couple ounces of strongly brewed coffee.

Below you will find links to formatted recipes cards.  Please let me know how your PSL adventure turns out :)

PSL Collage1

3x5 Recipe Card

4x6 Recipe Card

P.S.  You can also simply add Pumpkin Pie Spice to your grounds before you brew.  It’s easier and you get a better froth on the milk.  :)

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