Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brother, O Brother!


Creativity runs in my blood, so naturally I have a few hobbies - cooking, baking, canning, knitting, tatting, beading/jewelry making, and Zentangles to start.  Growing up my mother taught my K and I to sew, and we would piddle here and there for school projects and stuff, but neither of us really took to it as a real hobby like my mother (she made one of my prom dresses!).  Until now.  I have bitten by the bug and I am IN LOVE.  Not just with sewing, but hand embroidery, as well.  I have the most wonderful Mommy, too, because she gave me a brand new sewing machine and TONS for fabric and supplies from her own stash to get me started :D

So, what did I do?  Got busy for K's birthday, which is this week but since my daddy is out of town we celebrated this past weekend.  Since K is just starting to really outfit her little apartment she got all sorts of housewares for her birthday.  I started by making her an apron in her favorite colors - yellow and black.  I thought that it would be a good "first" project to get me reacquainted with the art.  I used Simplicity 1934 View A, which I already have fabric and alterations ready for one for myself very soon :).  Then I made her pot holders to match - three in yellow with a black border and three in the black print with a yellow border.

And because I am nothing if not an over achiever, I made her a little bag since a girl can never have enough bags.  I mean really.  I used this free Mini Tote pattern on Craftsy for the bag.  It is super quick and easy to follow and beautiful when finished.  For the embroidery pattern I printed off a font that I liked for her and got busy.  She loved them, but what do you think? :)  I'm super excited!  I have already made myself a bag and am working on a bingo bag for my parents now (another posts on these soon).


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