Friday, March 29, 2013

Mini Tote All Grown Up


Like I said in my Brother, O Brother! post, I decided to make a the Mini Tote that I made for my sister a little bigger for me.  I used the exact same pattern, but I used just under a yard of fabric (four fat quarters if you want to minimize cutting).  For my lining and main bag I cut the panels to 16x18" and my straps 18x6".  My bag ended up about 14.5 squareish.  For the embroidery, I again just printed off of a font I like and then I drew a little bird.  I used a reverse chain stitch, running stitch, peking knot (that I anchored) and french knot for the pattern (tutorials can be found by clicking on stitch name).
Mama requested a bingo bag, so I made one just slightly smaller for her since she didn't want one so deep.  She also requested an inside pocket to I cut a pocket on the fold so that it would be double layered and then  put bias tape around the edges to finish it off.  As with the embroidery (please excuse the deformed dauber , I added it to the one of the lining pieces before I started assembling the bag.  For the embroidery I used all of the above mentioned stitches except for the peking knot.  I also didn't divide my thread since I wanted a thicker lettering.

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