Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some More Hexie Tips


As you saw in my last post, not all of the really cute polka dot hexies got basted for the baby quilt.  Why?  Because, twill is NOT ideal for this application.  Live and learn, right?  Well I do have a little trick for you if you decide to torture yourself for an adorable print, too.

Start out as usual, but then come back up on the outer side of the fold a little closer to the edge of the hexie.  You want to be close to the fold, but not catching any threads of it.  Go down either in the original hole as shown below or near it.  The goal is hold down the fold securely.  

Make sure that when you are sewing other hexies to your twill hexie you have the twill hexie facing you.  Otherwise it will fray as you can see below.  Fraying will also occur if you let your working thread get caught on the seam allowance, which is what actually happened below but the effect is the same as not sewing the correct direction.

One last thing - when you go to remove your paper from the twill hexies, take care to really pull out your stitches before the paper, otherwise you will tear the paper.

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